10 Best Monoculars for Hunting in 2024

Recently, I fell in love with some of the monoculars. Besides binoculars, I have tried multiple monoculars for my past few hunting trips to experience the performance of monoculars. And I am impressed with the performance, features, and compactness of monoculars for hunting purposes. Today I am going to share my top 10 favorite monoculars for hunting. You will get compact, high-performance, lowlight to night vision, budget-friendly to expensive monoculars in this list. Without any further delay, let’s jump into it:

What are the Best Monoculars for Hunting?

Here are the Top 10 Best Monoculars for Hunting I recommend:

10 Best Monoculars for Hunting (Review)

If you are an avid hunter, investing in a monocular can be a good decision. They are a great way to get a clear and sharp view of distant targets. Also, you can carry them in small storage. Now you may ask what are the best monoculars for hunting? To answer this question, I came here with an in-depth review of the 10 best monoculars for hunting:

1. Bushnell Legend Ultra 10×42 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

You all know how much I prefer 10×42 binoculars for any outdoor activities including hunting, hiking, seeing the moon, or spotting planes. For the monocular, the 10×42 specification is one of the favorites. For this reason, I am going to introduce the Bushnell 10×42 monocular as the first pick for the best monocular for hunting review. Bushnell always offers the best ever quality and user experience. Let’s discover what they offer you in this monocular to give you an outstanding and precise hunting session.

The 10x magnification of this monocular helps to see the mid to long-distance animals, and birds closely. Where the 42mm objective lens performs its duty of collecting the maximum amount of light to make your target bright, sharp, and clear.

When talking about the optics, that will blow your mind surely. The BAK-4 prism and FMC lens ensure the highest image resolution and contrast. This HD monocular has Extra-Low Dispersion prime fluid glass. That will remove the color fringing and bring the sharp and color-corrected output to make an accurate shot. The PC-3 chemical finish over the prism collects light to enhance the image quality to make them appear bright and crystal clear.

As the exit pupil of this monocular will be 42/10=4.2mm, you will get a perfectly rough and large exit pupil to adjust your eye pupil. In the daylight or low light, you can enjoy eye-strain-free hunting sessions. These monoculars are compact and only 0.83 pounds. That means you don’t need too much extra space to carry it. And you can use it effortlessly. The comfortable twist-up eyecups can make your animal hunting session more comfortable and smooth. The Picatinny rail and carry clip makes it more convenient to shoot accurately at your target.

With its durable and strong construction, this monocular lasts for years to years. This HD monocular comes with IPX7 waterproof and fog proof technology. This monocular can resist the water getting inside for 30 minutes submerged up to 1 meter in water. The Nitrogen purged and O-ring seal ensures complete moisture protection as well as removes internal moisture too. This monocular has a patented permanent water-repelled finish to withstand rain, snow, or sleet. As a result, It is suitable to hunt in any water condition including summer, rainy, or winter.

Bushnell 10×42 monocular is best for hunting for their HD optics. You will get color-corrected, edge-to-edge sharp, and high-resolution images of your targets. It will help you to make your shot perfect and precise. After that, the fully multi-coated lens, BAK-4 prism, water resistance capacity, rainguard, compactness, and sufficient magnification with perfect brightness all of this makes this monocular a perfect choice for hunting.

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  • Sufficient magnification for long-range viewing
  • Offers excellent light transmission
  • Produce clear, crisp image
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Improved clarity and contrast
  • Twist-up eyecups for easy adjustment
  • Waterproof and fog-proof construction
  • May have trouble focusing at high speed

2. Hawke Endurance ED Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

During long-range hunting on hot sunny days, it’s very common to experience color fringing around your target. That may be the cause of misleading your shoot. In that case, ED monoculars can help you. I am going to introduce the Hawke 8×42 monocular which comes with extra-low dispersion or ED glass. That can effectively remove the color fringing. Not only that, the combination of power, brightness, optics, focusing system, outstanding built quality, and affordable price point all insisted I pick this one for the hunters like you.

The combination of 8x magnification and 42mm diameter of the objective lens will deliver you an 8 times closer image with a perfect balance of brightness. As a result, you can see your target with all details and can make an accurate shot every time.

These monoculars are designed with Extra-Low Dispersion or ED lenses. They can eliminate chromatic aberration. Remove the color fringing at the edges and deliver sharp and color-corrected images. The BAK-4 roof prism makes the images more intense, and edge-to-edge sharp. Plus, the lenses are fully multi-coated. The glasses are phase-corrected to deliver a detailed and sharp view. As a result, you will get a bright, clear, and crisp image to make the shot accurate towards your targeted animals including duck, elk, or any long-range hunting.

Though it comes with a manual focusing system, you can focus at a very high speed. To the frequently moving birds or animals, you can focus by using the focus knob with just 2 turns. You can focus on nearby objects like the butterflies, and the footprint of the animals to take their way for the 2m close focusing system.

As you can use a monocular using one eye, it’s very compatible with hunting. But sometimes you need to struggle if the exit pupil or eye relief is not sufficient. But no need to worry! This monocular has a 5.25mm large exit pupil. For the roof prism, the exit pupil is perfectly round. You can hunt in daylight or low light conditions without any chances of eye fatigue. The long 18mm eye relief as well as the twisted up-down eyecups make it possible to hunt with eyeglasses too.

What about the field of view? Well, the field of view is 388 ft per 1000 yards. You can scan a large area at a time without changing your position. You will get a tripod thread to use with the tripod to get a more stable view of the target. This monocular is compact and lightweight to hunt without carrying extra weight.

The construction is rugged and durable for the magnesium alloy chassis. The rubber armor over the whole body makes this pair long-lasting. At the same time, the rubber armor makes the monocular anti-slip and provides an excellent firm grip. You will get the stay-on lens covers to ensure maximum lens protection. This monocular is waterproof and fog proof. You will get the best ever hunting experience even in wet weather. You will get a carrying case, lanyard, and lens cloth to use the monocular more conveniently.

Hawke 8×42 monocular is best for hunting for the ability to cut chromatic aberration using the ED lens. The ED lens can successfully remove the color fringing of the edge of your target. As color fringing can make an illusion and you can miss the target for misleading the shot. As ED lenses can effectively eliminate them, and deliver edge-to-edge sharp output, you can make accurate shots even for long-distance animals. This monocular is compact, lightweight, and durable, has a high-speed focusing system, and has waterproof protection. These features make this monocular ideal for any kind of hunting.

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  • Power for mid to long-range hunting
  • ED glass for superior clarity and color
  • FMC lens for enhanced light transmission
  • Can resist water, moisture, and fog
  • Rubber-armored body
  • Offers tripod mount and hands-free viewing
  • Offers warranty for peace of mind
  • The neck cord is little and seems cheap

3. Vortex Optics Solo 8×36 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

My next pick is from Vortex optics. Vortex optics is another renowned brand for making quality binoculars as well as monoculars. This time, I have chosen the Vortex 8×36 monocular which can be a great option for beginner to pro hunters. What’s not in it? The optics, design, and structure will blow your mind. And after using this monocular, you won’t be disappointed surely for the amazing features.

The Vortex 8×36 monocular comes with 8x magnification power to give you a closer and more detailed view of mid to long-distance animals like deer, elk, or ducks. The 36mm bigger objective lens gathers the light and enhances the clarity and image fidelity of the magnified targets.

Vortex optics always provide the best ever optic quality. With the fully multi-coated lens, you will get bright and sharp images. Also, increased light transmission due to the multiple anti-reflective coating makes the distant images clear and color-corrected. The roof prism attachment enhances image clarity and fidelity.

The focusing system of this monocular is manual. The eyepiece comes with a focus wheel. You can adjust your desired sharpness on the targeted animals simply by turning the wheel. Have to turn it clockwise to get the sharpest view of the distant targets. You can see the nearby objects too. They offer a 16.4 ft close focusing distance. To hunt your nearby animals, you need to turn the focus wheel counter close wise to get a sharp focus on the nearby targets.

The viewing comfort depends on multiple parameters including the exit pupil eye relief, optics, focus, grip, size, and weight. In that case, this Vortex 8×36 monocular performs so well. You will get 5.25mm of the exit pupil. In the daytime, it can be adjustable as well as you can see in weak light conditions too.

The 18mm long eye relief helps you to use the monocular while wearing glasses. You don’t need to struggle to adjust the eyepiece with your eyeglasses. After that, quality optics and rapid focus on nearby as well as distant objects will give you a smooth viewing experience. The size is handy to use for not only hunting but also birding, hiking, and even seeing the moon.

After that, this monocular is only 9.7 oz. You can carry it anywhere you want to go. For the wide field of view, you can use it to observe a wide area at a time. The wide field of view makes this monocular useful for multiple purposes. This monocular comes with a set of accessories also. You will get a soft case for carrying the monocular. A neck strap to hang it securely with your neck. You will get a Vortex product limited warranty too.

With rugged and durable construction, this monocular has a rubber armor finish. That ensures a non-slip and secure grip while you are hunting. You don’t need to give more attention to the weather conditions for the waterproof property.

This monocular is nitrogen gas purged. That will ensure a waterproof experience in wet conditions. The O-ring sealing adds more sustainability and protection ability against moisture and fog. The utility clip will make it easier to hand the monocular with a strap, pocket, or belt.

Vortex 8×36 monocular is best for hunting for the advanced roof prism attachment. The roof prism can produce high-resolution images and help to make precise shots of your target. The multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces make the output bright, color-corrected, and razor-sharp.

This can produce 8x closer images with good enough light, can focus rapidly, provide a wide field of view, and smooth as well as waterproof hunting experience. This is compact and secures to carry and hold. Overall, it’s a great option for beginner to professional hunters to hunt accurately.

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  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Provides a wide field of view
  • Offers great light transmission
  • Bright, crisp, and superior image quality
  • Secure and comfortable grip
  • Reliable performance in any weather conditions
  • Warranty for worry-free purchase
  • The lens cover is not included

4. Vabogu 12×50 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

What if you can see distant animals through a monocular as well as capture the footage at the same time? Yes, you heard the right! This Vabogu 12×50 monocular comes with a smartphone adapter as well as a tripod adapter too. It features very powerful magnification as well as bigger objective lenses. Hold your breath! Many more to be revealed yet.

If you want to hunt longer-range animals and birds, this monocular can be a great choice. They feature 12x powerful magnification. That means you can see your targets 12 times closer to you. Most of cases, highly magnified images look blurry and have some noise on them. But this monocular has 50mm large objective lenses. That lens collects the light and makes the magnified images not only bright but also reduces glare and makes them sharp.

The higher index of the BAK-4 prism and FMC lens combinedly work to produce highly contrasted output. Besides, the latest optics of this HD monocular ensures light transmittance of up to 99.5%. For this reason, you can hunt deer, duck, or elk even in low light conditions using this monocular.

The focusing system is manual. You can get quick focus on your target using the focus wheel knob. The straight-through finder scope helps to track your target easily.

This compact monocular will allow you to see a 360 ft wide area at a time for this range linear field of view. You can track the animals like deer, ducks, or birds. The 4.16mm exit pupil will give you a comfortable and smooth viewing session. You won’t experience eye fatigue even after a prolonged hunting session.

Many of you use power glasses or sunglasses. And you know the struggle of adjusting monoculars or binoculars when wearing eyewear. But the 18 mm long eye relief distance helps you to adjust effortlessly. There will be no chance of cutting the full frame view or uncomfortable or double vision.

The best part of these monoculars, they are tripod and smartphone compatible. When you are hunting, you can give full concentration by placing the monocular with the tripod. You will get stable and shake-free, sharp images of your targeted animals. You can capture footage using it with smartphones. This monocular is compatible with all iPhones as well as Samsung GALAXY S9/S9 edge, S8/S8 edge, and S7/S7 edge. You can capture images and record videos to preserve your hunting memories. Also, you can share them with your family and friends too.

This 12×50 monocular is rugged and durable. The rubber finish with stripe makes it more secure and comfortable to hold. This is IPX7 waterproof and fog proof. The Nitrogen filled system makes it water resistant and the O-ring seal protects the internal optics from moisture. You will get rid of water, dust, and dirt and use it in any weather without any tension.

This Vabogu 12×50 monocular is best for hunting for compatibility with a tripod and smartphone. You can use it with a tripod to get a sharp and stable view. Where you can capture footage using the smartphone mount system. The magnification is higher with the bigger objective lens. You will get magnified, bright, and clear output. Also, the wide field of view helps to get the large area coverage. In addition, you will get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee also. So far, it can be a great device to hunt, hike, camp, or birding. You can gift this amazing monocular to your near and dear ones too.

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  • Provides a clear and detailed view of distant objects
  • Reduce glare and improve light transmission
  • Wide and comfortable scanning
  • Can use in all weather conditions
  • Can capture photos and videos
  • Adjustable knob for precise focus
  • Includes a tripod mount for steady viewing
  • Little bit bulky

5. Gosky 12×55 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

As the previous one is quite bulky, you can try these Gosky 12×55 monoculars. They offer the same magnification power with a bigger objective lens. You may think it will be quite heavy but impressively you will get a secured option to use it holding your hands. They come with smartphones and tripod adapters. That will give you a stable and shake-free view. You can take photos and videos with this monocular. This is not the end, have a look to unlock the in-depth review of this monocular.

This 12×55 monocular can be a helpful device to accomplish your hunting mission. The 12x magnification helps to appear the long-distance animal images closer to you. Where the large 55mm objective lens allows maximum light to the eyepiece. As a result, you can see bright and sharp views of the magnified objects.

First of all the reflex finderscope of this monocular will help you to spot your target quickly. At the same time helps to shoot accurately by identifying targets from a distance. That helps to estimate the accurate distance and you will get a perfect shot. The BAK-4 prism will produce a clear and bright view of the terrain. It will allow you to use the best approach to get a closer view of your target. Furthermore, the fully multi-coated lens increases the light transmittance and reduces unnecessary light reflection. That results in a razor-sharp and bright picture of your target even in low-light conditions.

After that, what about the viewing comfort? Does this monocular provide the eye strain less viewing session? The answer is yes. When the exit pupil and eye relief are sufficient, you will get a smooth viewing experience. For this monocular, you will get a 4.58mm large exit pupil as well as an 18mm long eye relief. That means you can use it even from dawn to dusk. The twisted-up eyecups with the long eye relief allow you to use them with or without eyeglasses. The focus knob is simple and smooth to lock the focus on your targeted animals. The 325ft linear field of view with a 6.5° apparent field of view will provide you with a wide area coverage with a true angle.

For this monocular, there is a portable and secure hand strap to hold it more conveniently. It will prevent the chance of slipping out of your hand. Besides, the smartphone adapter makes it suitable to use with almost all types of smartphones. You will get the HD view on your mobile phone. At the same time, you can capture them for future memory or share them with your beloved once.

The body construction is super durable and rugged. The IPX7 waterproof feature adds more flexibility to use in any weather. The nitrogen-filled and O-ring-sealed construction keeps the monocular protected from moisture, dirt, and oil.

Gosky 12×55 monocular is best for hunting and handling comfort. You can hold it with the secured and wide hand strap and get the best ever hunting experience. Not only that, this monocular is ideal to spot games in dimly lit areas for the powerful magnification and big objective lens. The quick focus, wide field of view, and smartphone adapter features make this monocular a perfect choice to identify your target quickly for a precise shot.

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  • Bright, clear, and sharp output
  • Suitable for dim light conditions
  • Features a large linear field of view
  • Comfortable and stable handling option
  • Features quick alignment smartphone holder
  • Rugged and firm construction
  • Can withstand water, fog, and moisture
  • A little fuzzy

6. Leica Monovid 8×20 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

If you are looking for the most compact monocular then the Leica 8×20 monocular is for you. This compact monocular can be a reliable companion in the hunting session. With compactness, they have a bunch of features to give you the ultimate experience for hunting accurately.

At a first glance at the specification, you can understand, you will get an 8x closer view of distant objects. Plus, the 20mm objective seems smaller than the standard size, but it can gather a decent amount of light to produce bright and clear images.

In terms of optical specification, this monocular is designed with a roof prism. The roof prism monocular can be a reliable tool to hunt more precisely for the high reflexive index. The roof prism turns the image right side up in order to make it easier to view. The fully multi-coated lens will ensure a highly contrasted and high-resolution output.

Monoculars which can give you a comfortable viewing experience can lead to better accuracy and a more successful hunt. This monocular offers sufficient exit pupils to hunt in the daytime. The twisted-up eyecups, 6.3° angular field of view, and long eye relief are good enough to give you a comfortable viewing experience with the true angle. The central focus knob helps to lock your target sharply. The 6ft close focus distance helps you to see the nearby insects, flowers, ducks, or foot present of the animals.

The most impressive factor of this monocular is its weight. It is only 4 oz. Think how compact it is! Handling and using this monocular will be as effortless as a piece of cake. The rubber armor makes it shockproof and anti-slip.

The synthetic material makes it more rugged, durable, and flexible to use. The textured rubber armor adds an extra layer of protection. Moreover, the nitrogen filling prevents it from the conduct of water, fog, or moisture.

Leica 8×20 monocular is best for hunting for their compactness. The weight is only 4 oz, where the Phase correction coating P40 roof prism is also responsible for the streamlining and compact size. The extremely lightweight monocular with all essential features makes it ideal for deer, elk, turkey, and duck hunting. Besides, the magnification, aperture, high-speed focus, long eye relief, and durable construction will help you to get a superb hunting session. All of these features will allow you to detect the finest details to achieve a successful and memorable hunting period.

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  • Offers enhanced light transmission
  • High-quality optics
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Lightweight design and easy to carry
  • Improved image brightness and clarity
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Nitrogen-filled for protection
  • The front lens cap is not included
  • High price range

7. Carson CloseUp 6×18 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

If your budget is tight or wants to try a monocular for occasional hunting, you can try this Carson 6×18 monocular. They are affordable as well as very lightweight. With moderate magnification, sufficient aperture, a wide field of view, and quality optics, this monocular is a great way to hunt precisely.

With the 6x magnification power, you can go for low to mid-distance hunting. This monocular can bring distant animals or birds 6 times closer to you. Plus, the magnified images appeared brightly and clearly for the 18mm objective lens. As the power is low, an 18mm diameter aperture is enough to produce bright and sharp images collecting light.

After that, if the focusing system isn’t fast, it will ruin your whole hunting mission. You will miss your target. But no need to worry! This 6×18 monocular comes with a dual focusing system by which you can lock your focus just 10 inches away from you.

With the 3mm exit pupil and 427 feet at 1000 yards wide field of view, you can see a bigger area at a time. For this wide range of field of view, you can scan your surroundings and get the details of faraway animals. For the round exit pupil, you will successfully get a comfortable and eye-strain-free hunting period in the daytime.

With the blend material body construction, this monocular will last for years to years. The rubber finish will give you a non-slip and secure grip on rough trails. Besides, the company offers repair or replacement warranty if there are any manufacturing faults.

Carson 6×18 monocular is best for hunting for its unbeatable pocket-friendly price range. The price range is so affordable that doesn’t mean the brand is compromised with the features or build quality. They have brought this compact monocular for hunters as well as for all nature enthusiasts to get the closest view of your target with extreme sharpness. The largest area coverage for the wide field of view is also possible using this monocular.

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  • Suitable for short to mid-range
  • Can sharpen to the nearest objects
  • Largest field of view
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Superb build quality
  • High-quality and FMC lenses
  • Offers repair or replacement
  • Not suitable for long range

8. Aurosports 10-30×40 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

For long-range hunting, zoom monoculars can be a perfect choice for beginner to pro hunters. But which one is the best zoom monocular for hunting? Don’t worry, this time, I am presenting the Aurosports 10-30×40 monocular for you. It comes with a good range of magnification which is very compatible to hunt short to long-range animals without changing your position.

For the 10-30 zoom feature, you can see your targeted animals 10 to 30 times closer to you. You can hunt mid to long-range animals at a time with accuracy with one monocular. This zoom feature will allow you to hunt from one place to various distances. The 40mm large objective lens collects light and makes the magnified images bright and sharp. Whatever the magnification level is, you will get a detailed and bright view every time.

Using this monocular, you will get a detailed and crystal-clear view of the BAK-4 and FMC lenses. The BAK-4 prism ensures the correct color with a highly contrasted and high-resolution output. The quick focusing system will help you to get instant sharp, and clear images of your targeted animals.

You will get the highest ease of use while you try this monocular while hunting. With sufficient exit pupil, long eye relief, and a wide field of view, you will get a continuous and prolonged session without bothering with anything. There will be no chance of having eye fatigue too. Moreover, this monocular is lightweight though it’s a zoom monocular. You will get a carrying bag to carry it safely.

Next, you can use your smartphone to see the magnified images on the mobile screen, take photos, and record videos too. The universal smartphone adapter will give you reliable and stable performance. Also, create the opportunity to store and share your memories in the future with family and friends.

In terms of longevity the build quality matters. Not only the external design and construction, but the right placement of internal parts is also important. In that case, this monocular will surely win your heart. With a nice design and durable construction, it is covered by rubber armor. That helps to keep it dust free and make it anti-slip. The rubber armor can withstand shock or drop too. This monocular is completely waterproof and fog proof. The nitrogen purging makes it useful even in humid weather. You don’t need to worry even in the rainy season too.

For beginner hunters or professionals, this zoom monocular can bring joy by helping to track long-distance targets from one place. This monocular has bigger objective lenses to gather light and deliver bright images of the animals. With the high-speed focus and smartphone adapter, this monocular can give you a mesmerizing hunting period. In addition, the brand offers 24 h after-sale service for their customers for any kind of damage, use, or return purposes.

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  • Adjustable magnification power
  • Large aperture to college light
  • Features large HD eyepiece
  • High reflex index BAK-4 prism
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water resistance and fog proof
  • 24 hours after the sale service
  • The Tripod adapter is not attached

9. PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

Many of you prefer to hunt at dawn and dusk. For this advantage hunters, this PhysioPhyx 80×100 low light monocular can be one of the best options. With the highly magnified glasses and the biggest objective lens, they can deliver the best view of the animals even in low light conditions. You will also get a bunch of features to hunt with this monocular.

This is one of the most highly powerful monocular among the 10 best monoculars for hunting. It is designed with 80x magnification power. That means you can see the animals 80 times closer to you. It’s huge to make a precise shot. As the highly magnified images can fade or contain noise, there is no chance for the 100mm diameter of the objective lens. This bigger objective lens collects a superior amount of light and reduces glare. As a result, It will get bright, crisp, and sharp images.

The optical specification with the bigger objective lens mainly works together to produce bright output in low light conditions. The BAK-4 green film prism enhances the light transmittance by up to 99.5%. The fully multi-coated lens reduces the chance of noise in the images and produces high-resolution HD output.

The focusing system is manual. It may seem difficult for many of you, but believe me, the focusing system is super smooth and fast. The central focus knob helps to adjust the focus on your desired objects. As the magnification power is high, manual focus adds compatibility. Because the automatic focus can lock on any other long distance subjects for the high-level magnification. For example, you are observing a herd. And you will shoot for one. The autofocus can lock its focus randomly where you can miss your preferable one. Better, you can adjust the manual focus based on your own choice.

With this highly magnified monocular, you can hunt comfortably. The 325ft field of view at 3000 yards will allow you to scan the entire field to get your target. The large eyepiece makes the viewing session comfortable. Plus, the adjustable eye cups help to twist it and deliver the optimal view even when you are wearing eyeglasses.

This 80×100 monocular is comparatively compact and lightweight. You will get a hands-free and stable view of the tripod adapter. Also, there is a mobile phone bracket. You can use it with any smartphone or iPhone model. You can capture amazing scenarios during hunting as well as share them with your near and dear ones.

With its durable construction, this monocular is suitable to use for water sports as well as use in winter. The waterproof and fog proof properties make it more compatible to use for years to years.

PhysioPhyx 80×100 monocular is best for hunting for multiple aspects, especially for the low light visuals. For the large objective lens, quality optics, BAK-4 prism, and FMC lens, you will get the best clear view even in weak light conditions. It is smartphone and tripod compatible. Also, it is suitable to use in wet weather too. Overall, this monocular is appropriate to use by beginners to professional hunters, kids to adults.

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  • Extremely high magnification
  • Superior light collection
  • Clear vision in low light
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Wide linear field of view
  • Features large eyepiece and twisted eyecups
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof
  • Not applicable in complete darkness

10. CREATIVE XP Night Vision Monocular

best monoculars for hunting

Last but not least pick the CREATIVE XP night vision monocular. This monocular is defined with the features and functionalities to hunt in complete darkness. As the low light vision monoculars are not suitable for complete darkness, this night vision can be your perfect and reliable companion to hunt at night.

First of all, you will get 5x to 8x digital zoom magnification power. You can see up to 1640 feet away in complete darkness. The embedded no-glow infrared illuminator is mainly responsible to produce a clear view of your targeted animals in 100% darkness.

With the sufficient exit pupil, you don’t have to struggle to adjust your eye pupil with the monocular. You can see them on the 1.5-inch built-in TFT screen. That will help you to shoot accurately in the darkness. You can capture high-resolution images as well as 1080p-quality videos also. You will experience a smooth, comfortable and eye fatigue free hunting period.

The focusing system is also manual. Manual focus helps to adjust the focus according to your desired target. Even though you use this monocular at night time, the smooth focus knob will allow you to adjust the focus in complete darkness.

This monocular is compact. It is compatible with tripods as well as almost all types of smartphones. You will get a 32GB SD card to store your hunting memories. The included phone and computer card reader and USB cable to transfer the media files from monoculars to other devices. The easy-to-follow manual will help you if there is any confusion with its functionalities.

As it’s a battery-operated monocular, it can last up to 6 hours continuously. You will get a reliable performance in your hunting session. The outstanding build quality will last for a long time. The hunting concept design with rubber armor keeps this monocular anti-slip and water resistance.

CREATIVE XP night vision monocular is best for hunting for the ability to deliver bright images in 100% darkness. You can hunt, hike, birding, see the moon, and enjoy sports and concerts using this monocular. You can capture photos and videos using this device. The wide viewing range and large screen helps to scan your surroundings to make a precise shot. The smartphone and tripod adapter makes it more compatible and stable to use in nighttime hunting.

In addition, you will get all of these features for under $100. A good deal so far! So far, a long-running time, including a kit and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee make this monocular an ideal choice for hunting.

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  • Can produce bright images at night
  • Digital zoom magnification
  • Large area coverage viewing range
  • IR illuminator for brightness
  • High-resolution image and video
  • Necessary kits included
  • Backed by warranty
  • Batteries not included


I have tried to highlight the overall features, pros, and cons of the 10 best monoculars for hunting. In terms of build quality, optics, lens, magnification, and light transmission, each of these monocules is perfect for every aspect. You will get various price ranges and choose the best one that fits your budget. Whether you are a beginner hunter, pro, or seasonal hunter, this monocular will give you the best hunting experience. Why are you waiting? Make your hunting session more enjoyable and thrilling with this monocular. Don’t forget to share your experience!

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