10 Best 12×50 Binoculars for the Money in 2024

I remember the first time I went hunting with my father. I was only 12 years old, but I was determined to prove that I was ready to be a hunter. My father let me carry his 12×50 binoculars, and I was so excited to use it. I did not know binocular features and specifications. But standing at this time, I would like to recommend 12×50 binoculars for any kind of outdoor adventure. I have arranged this article for all about 12×50 binoculars. If you are in search of 12×50 binoculars, you’ve come to the right place. We will take a look at the 10 best 12×50 binoculars on the market and provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right pair for your needs:

What are the Best 12×50 Binoculars for the Money?

Here are the Top 10 Best 12×50 Binoculars I recommend:

10 Best 12×50 Binoculars for the Money (Review)

1. Celestron Nature DX ED 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

Celestron’s Nature DX ED 12×50 binoculars are a great choice for birders and nature lovers alike. With 12x magnification and 50mm objective lenses, these binoculars provide bright, clear images. You will get the maximum light collection for the bigger aperture lens.

The ED which means the extra-low dispersion glass lenses produce images with minimal chromatic aberration. Also, the dielectric-coated prisms provide excellent light transmission. You can see the color-corrected, razor-sharp images of your targeted objects every time.

The BaK-4 prism attachment enhances the image quality as well as reduces glare from the images. This prism is coated with phase-detected coating as well. You can see even in low-light conditions.

Besides, the larger 252ft field of view at 1000 yards makes it easy to scan your surroundings. The 4.8° angular field of view helps to observe any fast objects without changing position or focus. For this reason, this binocular is perfect for birding, sporting evenings as well as observing wildlife.

You will get a close-up view of any objects for the 8.2ft close-focusing system. The focusing system is also easy and simple to operate. When you ask for viewing comfort. It offers 14.3mm eye relief and a 4.16 eye relief value. You can see for a long time with this binocular pair without eye fatigue. It will be useful for eyeglass wearers and non-wearers too.

The full body is covered with rubber armor and polycarbonate housing. That makes this pair durable and suitable even on rough trails. This binocular is also nitrogen-purged and waterproof, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions. The company has been renowned since 1960 and offers a limited lifetime warranty. It’s a worthwhile investment to enjoy any outdoor event.

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  • Great for bird watching and nature observation
  • High magnification power and big objective lenses provide clear images
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Durable and well-constructed with a comfortable grip
  • Comes with a case and strap for easy transport
  • Have a wide field of view, ideal for scanning large areas
  • Equipped with ED glass elements
  • Multi-Coated optics for increased light transmission
  • Allow comfortable use with or without glasses
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Little bit heavy

2. Bushnell PowerView 2 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

If you are looking for durable, versatile, high-performance 12×50 binoculars under $100, then Bushnell PowerView 2 12×50 binoculars can be a great option for you. The higher magnification and larger objective lens provide excellent magnified images for sure.

What are the other specifications and quality to pick in the best 12×50 binoculars review? Well, this binocular is made by a USA company, so we can trust its quality and performance. The body is made of durable plastic material. It is lightweight as well as can handle rough use.

The interior is high quality and brushed with a metal finish. The soft rubber covered the whole body and made it anti-slip. For any kind of outdoor activity, this will be a perfect pair in an affordable price range. Moving to its other features, it provides a 265 feet wide field of view per 1000 yards. Nothing will be skipped from your eyesight.

The Porro prism attachment makes the image resolution outstanding. The zigzag pattern of this prism increases light transmission as well as controls unnecessary light reflection. Besides, the lens is fully multi-coated. You will get incredible image quality with every use.

The coating also enhances the light-gathering capacity and removes blurriness from the picture. You will get the sharp, clear, and bright output of the targeted images. The focusing system is also smooth and the focus wheel is easy to operate. You can rotate the ultra soft-focus wheel to get vibrant images even in low light conditions.

The exit pupil value is 4.16 mm so you can enjoy sightseeing, birding, wildlife, or sports without any pain in your eyes. Whether you wear eyeglasses or not, you can adjust the eyecups easily. So far, this binocular is a great deal for enjoying outdoor activities for under $100.

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  • Directly made in the USA
  • Ideal for bird watching, hunting, and even stargazing
  • Higher magnification is ideal for observing distant objects clearly
  • Equipped with a wide field of view to scan moving objects
  • Features fully multi-coated lens
  • Easy to focus and user-friendly
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Come with a carrying case to protect from scratches and dust
  • Made of high-quality materials ensuring durable
  • Very affordable and is a great value for your money
  • This binocular is not water resistance

3. Athlon Argos G2 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

The Athlon Optics Argos G2 12×50 binocular is a high-quality binocular that is perfect for bird watching, wildlife observation, and even stargazing. I recommend this pair, especially for those who like hunting so far. You may ask why. Let’s talk about its features and performances. This binocular comes with a high-quality optic designed for long-range viewing.

As it is equipped with a large 50mm objective lens that gathers plenty of light for bright and clear images, even in low-light conditions. The 12x magnification is ideal for spotting games at a distance.

The HD glass lenses provide excellent image quality. Moreover, the ESP dielectric-coated prisms produce bright, true-to-color images. That will reflect 99% of the lights. The fully multi-coated lens enhances the light transmission rate too.

It features adjustable rubber eyepieces. The large eyepieces provide a comfortable view, even for those who wear glasses. That makes it easy to observe the wildlife or sports for extended viewing sessions.

This pair is also special for the 56-76 mm interpupillary distance. The interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance between the center of the pupils in each eye. This distance is important for binocular vision, as it helps the eyes to focus on a single object.

You know what? If the IPD is too small, the eyes will have difficulty converging on an object, and if the IPD is too large, the eyes will have difficulty focusing on an object. The ideal IPD for binocular vision is between 55 and 65 mm. In this case, this pair of binoculars is perfectly suitable for any outdoor activity.

Let’s talk about its design part. The body is made of durable Aluminum. The rubber coating provides a layer of protection to prevent your favorite pair from collision and abuse. The large field of view helps to scan your surroundings without moving the focus or your position as well.

The binocular is also nitrogen-filled and waterproof, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions. The Argos G2 is built tough to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, and it comes with a padded carrying case for easy transport. You will get a warranty and customer service for any queries or damages to this pair.

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  • Allowing you to see your subject matter in great detail
  • Bigger objective lenses produce a bright and clear image
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Ideal for use in all types of weather conditions
  • HD property helps to see even in low-light conditions
  • Feature multi-coated lenses that reduce glare
  • Have a wide field of view to spot objects
  • Suitable for kids to adults
  • Have adjustable eyecups for comfortable viewing
  • Offers limited lifetime warranty to enjoy them for years to come
  • This pair is quite heavy

4. Thompson Center 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

The Thompson Center 12×50 binoculars are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality pair of binoculars at an affordable price. With its powerful magnification and large objective lens, it provides a clear, crisp image that’s perfect for viewing wildlife or sports events.

Plus, the rugged construction makes it tough enough to handle any outdoor adventure. With A 5.2-degree field of view, you will be able to see everything in your surroundings with ease, and the BK7 standard Porro Prism ensures a clear, crisp image every time.

These binoculars have a wide field of view, which makes it great for you to see everything in your surroundings. They also have long eye relief, which means you can keep them focused on your target without having to strain your eyes. With a 4.16mm exit pupil distance, these binoculars provide an immersive experience when observing wildlife or scenic landscapes.

Furthermore, these binoculars are fully coated with lenses that will give you a clear and sharp view of your target. They also come with a carry bag and neck strap. The neck strap makes it easy to transport and keep track of your binoculars, while the carrying case ensures that they will stay in good condition no matter what.

The body material is aluminum. It comes with rubber armor protection as well. That makes the pair anti-slip and comfortable to hold. The specialty of this pair is, that you can watch objects in low light conditions like sunset moments when birds and animals move towards their nest and cave.

They also come with a 1-year warranty, ensuring that you’ll be able to use them for years to come. All of these features with impressive performance will get under$50. These binoculars are perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their viewing experience.

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  • Versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks
  • Perfect for long-range viewing as well as dim light conditions
  • Extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear
  • Easy to use and require little to no maintenance
  • Very affordable and are a great value for the money
  • Offer great clarity and provide a clear view of objects
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Have a wide field of view to observe the surrounding
  • Water-resistant and can be used in all weather conditions
  • Come with a carrying case, neck strap, and lens covers
  • Not for kids’ use

5. Vortex Crossfire 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

The Vortex Crossfire HD 12×50 binoculars offer unbeatable performance and value. This series is always able to provide top-notch performance and features. With their 12x magnification and 50mm objective lens, they provide an excellent view of the action.

The fully multi-coated optics ensure superior clarity and brightness, while the roof prism design provides a compact and lightweight package. That results in stunning images with incredible detail and brightness. And with their rugged construction, they can stand up to any terrain or weather conditions.

The HD lens system ensures you’ll have a clear, bright view of your surroundings. The selected glass elements are optimized to help reduce chromatic aberration. This means that you will be able to see colors more accurately and with less distortion. So that, you can easily pick out targets in the distance.

With a wide 273 feet of the field of view at 1000 yards, these binoculars provide an immersive experience that is sure to please. The twist-up eyecups and 15mm generous eye relief make them comfortable to use even when wearing glasses.

This binocular provides excellent color fidelity and detail. The adjustable diopter makes it easy to fine-tune the focus for each user. It also features armored housing that ensures protection against bumps and scratches.

With the aluminum construction, this binocular is tough enough to withstand even the harshest conditions. But that’s not all they have to offer; these binoculars are designed with a non-slip grip to keep them secure in your hands. However, they also feature a tripod mount system so that you can easily attach them to a tripod for even more stability. Additionally, this binocular pair is nitrogen-purged and o-ring sealed to ensure waterproof and fog-proof performance in any environment.

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  • Offer impressive magnification and objective lenses for long-range viewing
  • Feature HD glass elements for enhanced image quality and clarity
  • The lenses are fully multi-coated
  • Provides maximum light transmission and reduced glare
  • Comfortable to use, even for extended periods
  • A rugged and durable design able to withstand rough use and tough conditions
  • Come with a padded carrying case for protection and easy transport
  • Have a wide field of view for scanning large areas
  • Come with a tripod adapter, allowing for hands-free use
  • Backed by Vortex Optics’ VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • No smartphone mount system is available

6. Vortex Diamondback 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

Our next pick for the best 12×50 binoculars is from another popular series of Vortex optics. The Vortex Diamondback 12×50 binoculars are the perfect piece of gear for anyone looking for an extremely versatile and high-quality pair of binoculars. With the 12x magnification, it is great for both close-up and long-distance viewing.

The 50mm objective lenses provide an exceptionally clear and bright image no matter what the conditions are. Plus, the lightweight construction and rugged design make them perfect for any outdoor activity. The HD features extra-low dispersion glass and phase-corrected prisms, which work together to produce a stunning image with incredible detail.

This binocular offers the sharpness and enhanced light transmission you need to make the most of your outdoor adventures. The high-definition optics eliminate chromatic aberration to give you a clear, crisp picture with amazing detail. Whether you’re birding, watching a sporting event, or just sightseeing, this pair will let you see things in a whole new light.

The fully multi-coated lenses ensure optimal light transmission for a brighter image, and the adjustable eyecups provide a custom fit. This binocular features dielectric coating, which ensures maximum light transmission and vivid images. At the same time, it comes with an Armortek coating, which protects the lenses from scratches and other damage.

The center focus wheel makes it easy to adjust the focus, while the adjustable diopter ensures that you get a clear and crisp image. With 6 degrees of close focus and 14mm eye relief, they provide stunning views and incredible comfort. With a field of view of 271 feet at 1000 yards, these binoculars provide an unparalleled viewing experience. The rubber armor helps to protect them from bumps and scratches. They also have a secure, non-slip grip, which makes them easy to hold onto even when they’re wet.

This binocular comes with a glass pack harness and tripod adaptability as well. The GlassPak harness makes them easy to carry, and the tripod adaptable feature ensures that you will always have a steady view. Finally, this Vortex Diamondback 12×50 binocular features Argon purging, which makes them water and fog proof, as well as o-ring seals that keep out moisture and debris.

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  • Fully multi-coated lenses for increased light transmission
  • Great for optimal light gathering
  • BaK-4 prisms for improved edge-to-edge clarity
  • Large objective lenses for increased light gathering
  • Wide field of view for easier target acquisition
  • Adjustable eyecups for comfortable use with or without eyeglasses
  • GlassPak harness and trips adaptability for long-term viewing
  • Waterproof and fog-proof for use in all weather conditions
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind
  • A little bit expensive but it’s a performance worth the price

7. Vortex Viper Roof Prism 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

The Vortex Optics Viper binoculars 12×50 are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable, and lightweight pair of binoculars. They are made with composite materials and armortek coating, these binoculars are built to last. They also feature an HD optical system that provides crisp, clear images no matter what the conditions.

Features 12x magnification and a 50mm objective lens, they provide a clear, crisp view of your target. These binoculars are extremely easy to grip and have a rubber-armored body that makes them resistant to scratches and bumps.

The optics are fully multi-coated to provide maximum light transmission and image clarity. Besides, the right-eye diopter tailors the focus to each user. You can focus on the targeted objects using the central focus wheel quickly and easily.

The 4.16mm exit pupil distance provides a comfortable viewing experience for a long period. It features XR anti-reflective lens coatings which increase light transmission to 95%. You can enjoy the clearest image possible. The customized eye relief makes it easy to use even if you’re wearing glasses.

This binocular provides a wide field of view of 288 feet at 1000 yards that are perfect for track movement in the wild. With crystal-clear optics and phase-corrected prisms, you will be able to see every detail with stunning clarity.

This binocular also comes with a GlassPak Chest Harness, which makes it easy to carry around while keeping your hands free. features a 16mm eye relief distance. That helps to experience a great view without any eye fatigue. You will get sharp resolution and exceptional image clarity.

That delivers an amazing image of the desired objects to see the detail you never knew existed. The roof prism attachment makes this pair so light and easy to carry anywhere. With their waterproof and fog-proof construction, they can withstand any outdoor conditions you might encounter. So far, it can be a great option for birding, hunting, wildlife viewing, whale observing, or any other adventures.

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  • Offers amazing clarity and brightness, even in low light conditions
  • Have a wider field of view to track everything
  • Features rugged and durable construction
  • Excellent light-gathering ability and bright, high-contrast images
  • Easy to use and focus adjustment
  • Render color-corrected, high-resolution output
  • Phase-corrected prisms for optimal image quality
  • Fully multi-coated lenses for increased light transmission
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Bulky and heavy

8. Nikon Action Extreme 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

Our next pick is from Nikon which is renowned and popular for binoculars. The Nikon Action 12×50 binoculars provide the best view for birding, hunting, and wildlife viewing. You can get a closer look at distant objects with the 12x powerful magnification system.

The 50mm bigger objective lens can collect maximum light to deliver bright and crystal-clear images. The multi-coated optics offer superior clarity and brightness. The BaK-4 Porro prisms enhance the image quality by maximizing the light reflections. So that, you can be sure that you will see every detail.

The wider 288 feet field of view helps to observe every single object without moving or adjusting the focus system. The central focus wheel makes the adjustment so simple and quick. As, this pair is designed with a Porro prism, but it’s not very heavy. You also get a 16.1mm eye relief distance and a 4.16mm exit pupil distance.

This will make your observing journey smooth and comfortable as well. What about the construction? This binocular is made out of polycarbonate, meaning that they are tough and will be able to withstand any kind of wear and tear. The whole body is rubber-coated, which makes them slip-resistant and easy to hold on to. At the same time, provide rugged protection against bumps and scratches.

This binocular is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, making them the perfect choice for anyone who loves the outdoors. Eventually, this pair is perfect for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who need a firm, non-slip grip to keep them stable while they’re on the go.

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  • Have great optics and provide a clear image
  • Durable and can withstand rough use
  • Ideal for versatile needs and activities
  • Features a wide field of view
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Deliver excellent quality image output
  • Have a non-slip grip, making them easy to hold onto
  • Features a built-in diopter for adjusting the focus
  • Multi-coated lenses for optimal light transmission
  • Waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions
  • No glass pack harness or tripod system is available

9. Nikon Aculon A211 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

We have selected another Nikon binocular for you for its amazing features and outstanding performance. The Nikon Aculon A211 12×50 binoculars offer a powerful magnification for an incredibly clear view. Also, the bigger objective lens is responsible for gathering light to generate bright and sharp images.

The lenses are coated with a multi-coating to reduce reflections and improve image clarity. The body is designed with a non-slip grip for easy handling, even in wet weather. This binocular is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit, with an easy one-handed operation.

The turn-and-slide rubber eyecups allow you to adjust the eyecups to fit your eyes perfectly. It features an 11.5mm eye relief distance as well as a 56-72mm interpupillary adjustment range also. You will be able to enjoy extended periods of viewing without any fatigue.

This binocular offers superior performance and value. The lenses are made from spherical multicoated eco-glass, which provides excellent image quality and clarity. The Porro prism attachment delivers high-resolution images of the targeted objects.

This pair will be a perfect choice for bird watching, wildlife viewing, or sporting events. Again, this pair features 272 feet at 1000 yards field of view. With a wide field of view, you will be able to see more of the action. The smooth central focus knob makes it easy to keep your focus on the subject.

These binoculars are water-resistant. That is why, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet, even if it’s raining. The rubber armor makes it secure and anti-slip to grab perfectly. The neck strap is making sure that you can carry this pair hanging on your neck and go anywhere you want. For these features and performances, we have placed this pair in our best 12×50 binoculars review section.

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  • Designed for high-resolution and close-up views
  • Provide bright, clear images, even in low-light conditions
  • Comfortable extended use, with large, easy-to-turn focus knobs
  • Fully multi-coated lenses for maximum light transmission
  • Water resistance, fog proof, and shockproof
  • The rubber-coated body provides a secure, comfortable grip, even when wet
  • Included carrying case and neck strap for easy transport
  • Can track objects for a wide field of view
  • Have a limited lifetime warranty
  • Excellent choice for birding, nature observation, and other outdoor activities
  • Heavy and no tripod system included

10. Leupold BX-4 Pro 12×50 Binoculars

best 12x50 binoculars for the money

Many of you prefer high-end binoculars. We have promised to bring all types and all budgets of binoculars, so at the end, we are going to reveal the Leupold BX-4 Pro 12×50 binoculars’ features and performances.

This HD 12x50mm binocular is one of the most versatile binoculars on the market. It’s perfect for hunters who need a lightweight and durable optic that can handle any condition. The binoculars are waterproof and fog proof, so you can use them in any weather.

Like this, this pair has a 12x magnification, which makes them perfect for spotting games from a distance. And 50mm aperture value makes it ideal to deliver bright, clear, and razor-sharp images of long-distance objects.

The HD lens system provides superior image clarity and color fidelity. Cut the chromatic aberration to render color-corrected image output every time. The body is made of quality aluminum. So the rugged construction ensures that they can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

The calcium-fluoride lenses offer superior sharpness and edge-to-edge clarity, while the phase-corrected roof prisms provide maximum brightness and contrast. This pair features an open-bridge, dual-hinge design for superior comfort and balance. This binocular’s optical excellence with their superior quality can be possible for the BAK 4 prisms attachment. It provides a round exit pupil for brighter images even in low-light conditions.

The 16 mm eye relief allows for comfortable viewing even with eyeglasses. With a field of view of 263 feet at 1000 yards, it provides an impressive viewing range that makes it easy to track targets. Finally, this pair is 100% water and fog-proof. So you can bring it anywhere in any weather conditions.

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  • High-quality pair of binoculars that offer great value for the money
  • Very well made and offers excellent optics
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for use in all weather conditions
  • Wide field of view to objective surrounding perfectly
  • Offers good low-light performance
  • Comfortable to use for those who wear glasses
  • Easy to transport and keep clean
  • Provides a limited lifetime warranty, making them a good investment
  • Made in the USA, ensuring a high level of quality
  • No tripod or smartphone mount system


After thoroughly researching and testing a variety of 12×50 binoculars, we have compiled a list of the ten best options currently available on the market. Considered a variety of factors when making our selections, including image quality, the field of view, weight and portability, durability, and customer reviews. We believe that our list offers a great mix of high-quality binoculars that will suit a variety of different needs and budgets. We hope that our buying guide and reviews have helped you to narrow down your choices and find the perfect pair of binoculars for your needs.

People Also Ask

Are 12×50 binoculars good for astronomy?

The answer is yes, 12×50 binoculars are good for astronomy. High magnification and bigger lenses make it a good choice for astronomical observation. Again, they provide a relatively wide field of view and decent light-gathering ability.

How far can 12×50 binoculars see?

Binoculars are tools that allow us to see things at a distance that we would not be able to see with the naked eye. But how far can 12×50 binoculars see? They can allow you to see objects that are up to 1250 meters away. This is much further than the naked eye can see. And it is much further than most other binoculars can see.

Can I use a 12×50 binocular for birding?

Yes, you can use a 12×50 binocular for birding, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, 12×50 binoculars have a relatively narrow field of view, so you will need to be careful when scanning an area for birds.

Are 12×50 binoculars good for sporting events?

12×50 binoculars are a great choice for sporting events. They have a high magnification, which means you will be able to see the action. They also have a large objective lens, which allows more light to enter the binoculars. And, this is important because it means you will be able to see even in low-light conditions.

Is a 12×50 binocular suitable for military use?

A 12×50 binocular is a suitable tool for military use as it offers several advantages over other types of binoculars. The most notable advantage is the increased magnification which allows for better observation of distant targets. Additionally, the larger objective lens size allows for more light to be gathered which is beneficial in low-light conditions. The increased weight and size of the binoculars may be seen as a disadvantage by some, but in most cases, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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