7 Best Binoculars for Plane Spotting in 2024

Airplane spotting is a popular hobby for many people, but it can be hard to get a good view of the planes without the right binoculars. Binoculars are an important tool for any plane spotter. They allow you to see aircraft at a distance and can be used to track their movements. As there are a wide variety of binoculars on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right pair for your needs. But no need to worry! In this article, I will recommend 7 of the best binoculars for plane spotting, based on my experience and intense research:

What are the Best Binoculars for Plane Spotting?

Here are the Top 7 Best Binoculars for Plane Spotting I recommend:

7 Best Binoculars for Plane Spotting (Review)

If you’re into plane spotting, you know that having a good pair of binoculars is key. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are the best. From compact options to those with high or zoom magnification or night vision, this list of 7 binoculars will cover all. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned plane spotter, keep reading to find the best binoculars for your needs:

1. Celestron SkyMaster 20X80 Binoculars

best binoculars for plane spotting

If you love to observe planes or airshows, you must have high-power binoculars. That is why I have brought this Celestron 20×80 binocular for you. With a powerful magnification level, you will get a crystal clear and bright view. Not only that, it’s a complete package of features and functionalities.

When measuring the performance of any binoculars, the key parameters are the magnification level and objective lens diameter. This binocular is designed with 20x magnification power and an 80mm large objective lens. The 20x power offers a clear and detailed view of planes taking off and landing. The 80mm objective lens works impressively to gather light to deliver bright images of distant planes. You can use this binocular in low light conditions near dawn and dusk or for astronomy too.

Quality optics is mandatory to get high-resolution and contrasted images. This binocular comes with FMC lenses with BAK-4 prism attachment. That ensures you can enjoy crisp, sharp, and bright colors with excellent contrast and color fidelity.

As planes move so fast, you have to choose quick-focusing binoculars. In that case, how good is this binocular? The Celestron 20X80 binocular has a center focusing system. The focus wheel knob is smooth and adjustable. The -4 to +8 diopter setting makes it more reliable and compatible to get the sharpest focus on the planes.

In terms of viewing comfort, this binocular can give you top-notch performance. The 195 ft/1000 yards linear field of view helps to track the planes as they move across the sky. For the 16mm eye relief distance, you can use it with eyewear too. The 4mm diameter of the exit pupil makes it compatible with your eye pupil during the day or in dim light conditions. The folding eyecups ensure the extraneous light won’t distract your viewing session anymore. Prevent entering inside the eyepiece during spotting the planes through binoculars.

As this plane spotting binocular has 20x magnification power, this normally is quite heavy. But the tripod mount system makes it easy to stabilize. That will deliver shake-free and crisp images. This binocular comes with multiple accessories, so you don’t need to buy them separately. You will get an objective lens cap, rain guard, and carrying case. Get a neck strap to hang with your neck for secure moving. And the instruction manual to get all directions to use, clean, and store.

Rubber armor over the Celestron 20×80 binocular provides extra protection from dirt, dust, and rough handling. Keep the pair scratches free and make it anti-slip. This binocular is fully waterproof and fog proof. You can use it indoors or outdoors to spot planes.

Celestron 20×80 is best for its higher power to spot planes. While taking off or occurring at any airshow for special occasions, this binocular will provide you crisp, clear, bright, and sharp images. With a bigger objective lens, quality optics, viewing comfort, durable built-quality, waterproof construction, this binocular can be your faithful partner to see the plane.

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  • Highly powerful
  • Impressive light collection
  • Tripod adaptable
  • Water resistance
  • Rugged construction
  • Accessories included
  • The price range is reasonable
  • Relatively narrow field of view
  • Quite heavy

2. Celestron 15-35×70 Zoom Binoculars

best binoculars for plane spotting

If you reside near the airport, the takeoff and landing planes are mostly enjoyable things to you. Kids always show excitement to see the planes. You can go for a powerful zoom binocular. So that you can spot planes from your bed or living room. But which one is the best zoom binoculars for plane spotting? Well, many can be chosen, but nothing can beat these Celestron 15-35×70 binoculars.

This binocular comes with 15-35x magnification power, so you can see 15 to 35 times bigger pictures of distant planes. The 70mm large objective lens has outgoing light collection capacity. The magnified images whatever the level is will be bright, sharp, and clear.

Optical specifications are the same as the previous one. The zoom binocular has a fully multi-coated lens. That will deliver highly contrasted and crisp images. The prism material is BAK-4. So, the magnified images will be razor-sharp with the highest image fidelity.

This zoom binocular is designed with a central focusing system. You will get the center focusing wheel to adjust the focus. The -4 to +10 diopter range helps to get the correct and prescriptive focus on each of your eyes. 73.8 to 95.1ft is the nearest point to focus. You can focus on the nearby airplanes as well as any other objects you want to see closely during birding, hiking, hunting, concert, or sports.

Viewing comfort mainly depends on the features of exit pupil eye relief, linear and apparent field of view. The focusing system is included in viewing comfort. As you get a fast and easy focusing system to spot airplanes, there will be no doubt about its performance in other aspects. The exit pupil is dependent on the magnification and objective lens. As it has zoom power, the exit pupil will vary. The same goes for eye relief too.

You can get up to 4.66mm exit pupil which is good enough to get a comfortable viewing session. The 20.3 to 16.2mm long eye relief will help to get a smooth and prolonged session even if you wear eyeglasses. The 115-84ft field of view helps to track the planes as well as the other activities at the airport.

Like viewing comfort, considering handling comfort is also important. This binocular comes with a rubber layer to ensure extra protection from scratches, water, or rough handling. It provides a smooth and firm grip while spotting the planes. The weight of any zoom binocular is quick and heavy, this one is too. But impressively the manufacturers noticed this factor and added the feature of a tepid adapter. You can place the binoculars with the tripod to enjoy hands-free plane spotting or any air show.

Celestron binoculars are durable and stable enough. Any binocular lasts longer when it can resist water, moisture, dirt, or rough trails. This binocular is waterproof and fog proof. It can effectively prevent dirt, dust, and scratches.

Celestron 15-35×70 is best for plane spotting for its zoom magnification features. You can zoom in on the planes while taking off. You can zoom it out gradually when it lands at the airport. It can be a funny activity for kids and adults. The objective lens is bigger enough to produce bright, detailed, and sharp images. It is a good option for the administrator to spot planes from the airport control room. Most of the zoom binoculars don’t have tripod mount features. But this pair has to deliver shake-free and double vision-free images every time.

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  • Powerful zoom magnification
  • Comfortable for hands and eyes
  • Suitable for eyeglass wearers and non wearers
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Features tripod adapter
  • Covered by warranty
  • Reasonable price range
  • Bulky and heavy

3. Mahauk Go-Focus 10×25 Binoculars

best binoculars for plane spotting

When you hear the sound of airplanes, adjusting the focus is time-consuming. And chances are high you missed the view of planes as they fly so fast and frequently. In this situation, an automatic focusing binocular can save you. Introducing the Mahauk 10×25 binocular which is auto-focus binoculars with a combination of amazing features.

This auto-focus binocular is a good choice to spot long-distance airplanes. Because of the 10x magnification power, you can see long-range flying planes 10 times closer to you. And the images will be clear and bright for the 25mm objective lens. This lens can gather light and produce a bright, crisp, and contrasted image of your target.

As I mentioned, the focusing system is automatic. That means it can lock the focus when you place the binoculars toward your desired target. It can focus 20m-1000m automatically which is convenient for plane spotting. When you see the sky through this binocular it can focus when a plane or bird is flying in the sky. You will get clear and detailed magnified images of the objects.

Like the previous binoculars, this binocular is also designed with a fully multi-coated lens. The prism material is BAK-4. It is durable as well as able to render high-resolution images. The performance is far better than any cheap plastic prism.

The high index of the BAK-4 prism and lower critical angle can transmit light more effectively. That will result in high-quality images and you will experience a premium and table vision.

This binocular is super compact and lightweight. You don’t need any extra space to carry it. The weight is only 0.51 lbs. I always recommend choosing a binocular under 1 pound where this one is more compact. You don’t feel tired of carrying or holding it. You can use it for multiple purposes including hiking, hunting, birding, sports, and many more. Moreover, for viewing comfort, this binocular is a good deal to spot planes during daylight.

After that, what about the durability of this binocular? Is it worth your money or not? Well, this binocular is durable and shock resistant to travel on rough trails. The rubber armor provides extra protection from dirt, scratches, and rough handling.

Any adult or kid can use it. Besides, this pair is tested multiple times to make sure that it can withstand dropping to scrapping while you are on any adventure. So, you don’t need to worry about durability. This binocular can resist water and moisture. That makes this binocular more convenient to use in any weather.

Mahauk 10×25 binoculars are best for plane spotting for their auto-focusing technology. The integrated unerring proprietary auto-focusing technology reduces the struggle of manual focus. It can lock the focus automatically when the plane appears at the binoculars working range. The magnification is powerful enough to deliver clear and detailed images. At the same time, the aperture, viewing comfort, and durability all these parameters are successfully passed by this binocular to use for plane spotting.

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  • Provide ultra-clear, bright & crisp vision
  • Embedded pioneering auto-focus technology
  • Super compact lightweight
  • FMC maximizes light transmission
  • Ergonomic durable rubber ensures durability
  • Features ip63 waterproof capacity
  • The price range is pocket friendly
  • Not well fit for low light conditions

4. Vortex Crossfire 10×50 Binoculars

best binoculars for plane spotting

Vortex optics always offer the highest image clarity with a bunch of other features. To spot a plan, I have picked the best and most popular Crossfire series. This Vortex Optics Crossfire 10×50 is a versatile HD binocular that can be used for plane spotting, wildlife viewing, whale watching, seeing the moon, birding, hiking, concert, and many more.

With the 10×50 combination, the performance of this binocular to spot planes is outstanding. The 10x magnification power makes the distant plane image 10 times bigger and closer to you. You can see the details of the plane like name, direction, and lights clearly for the 50mm objective lens. With this bigger aperture, this binocular has the ability to collect maximum light and produce bright images. So that, you can use it in the evening time too to observe the takeoff or landing of the plane.

The optics of this binocular is designed with premium glass elements. That can effectively produce high-resolution images. The HD property can eliminate chromatic aberration. So you can get sharp, concentrated, and color fringing free images of your targeted planes.

The multi-coated lens works for increasing light transmission. The anti-reflective surface helps to enhance image fidelity. Apart from these, the roof prism attachment makes the images sharp and crisp. At the same time, it takes part in compactness and enhances the durability of the binocular.

Viewing comfort can be defined by the quick focusing system, long eye relief, large eye pupil, wide field of view, etc. All of these parameters are efficiently embedded in this crossfire 10×50 binocular. That will provide you with a comfortable and smooth viewing session while spotting planes.

The exit pupil is 5mm which is suitable for both daytimes to dim light situations. The long 19mm eye relief with the twist up and down eyecups make it versatile to use by eyeglass wearers and non wearers. The wide 320 ft/1000 yards field of view will give you a wide area to converge when you want to observe multiple planes of the airport.

What about the focusing system? The focusing system is smooth and fast. The center focus wheel is assembled to adjust the focus. Also, the diopter on the right eyepiece enables you to adjust the focus with your eyes.

This binocular is soft and anti-slip for rubber armor. The weight is a little bit heavy for a log session. But you can mount it on the car window. It is tripod adaptable. This makes the pair extremely user-friendly for any prolonged plane spotting session.

This 10×50 binocular is extremely durable. The entire body is made of aluminum. So it can easily withstand collisions and tough trails. The rubber armor provides an extra layer of protection. The nitrogen purging and o-ring seal protect water and fog. That makes it convenient to use in wet weather or even in winter.

Vortex Optics Crossfire 10×50 binoculars are best for their HD image delivery and durability. The tripod adapter, car window mount system, quick focus, and a bigger field of view will help to enjoy any prolonged airshow without any problems. Eyeglass wearers can use it for long eye relief. Plus, this one is suitable for low-light conditions. In addition, you will get a Glasspak bino harness for convenient carrying outside. Plus, the unconditional lifetime warranty will give you peace of mind.

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  • Deliver HD, crisp, and bright output
  • Can cut color fringing efficiently
  • Provide a Comfortable viewing experience
  • Features bigger field of view
  • Tripod adapter and car window mount system
  • Glasspak bino harness included
  • Covered by an unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Quite heavy

5. Canon 18×50 Binoculars

best binoculars for plane spotting

Weather spotting planes is your hobby or profession, you need image stabilizer binoculars. These types of binoculars can remove the shake out of the image, and also instantly adjust the relative refraction angle. So, if you are in search of plane-spotting binoculars, you can go for this amazing Canon 18 x 50 binoculars. It not only has image stabilization capacity, but it can also magnify long-range planes for excellent specifications.

First of all, this binocular is embedded with 18x magnification power. You can see long distant planes 18 times closer to you. You can observe for a certain time after taking off the plane or you can track the plane a certain time before it lands at the airport. The aperture is 50mm. So, you are able to see distant planes brightly and clearly. This lens can gather light and produce clear and detailed images even in dim light including dawn and dusk.

The Porro prism of this binocular offers higher-quality images reducing the loss of light. As a result, the output will be more bright and clear. The zig-zag pattern of the Porro prism produces a 3D view and more depth perception. The multi-coated lens helps to reduce the glare and reflections of light. That will result in more divine and sharp images of the airplanes.

The most impressive feature of this binocular is the image stabilizing capability. It can adjust the relative refraction angle and provide the real magnification level to see long-distance planes. Again, it can work to compensate for motion and deliver stable, shake-free images.

The ease of use depends on the viewing comfort, viewing range, handling comfort, and how fast and easy to focus as well as maintain. In these cases, this image-stabilizing binocular performs so well. It will offer a comfortable viewing session for any prolonged air show.

You can use it with or without eyeglasses for the 15mm long eye relief distances. The 213ft linear field of view and 67°apparent field of view will assure you can cover a large area by observing the true angle of the long-range objects.

After that, this binocular can lock the focus instantly. You don’t need to struggle with focusing and don’t miss any movements of the planes. This binocular gives you a premium feeling for the rubber finish over the whole binocular. The unique shape makes it easy to hold as well as keeps you different from other binocular users.

The internal and external body material of this binocular is all-weather compatible. You can spot planes and enjoy any airshow whatever the weather is. There will be no risk of damage from fog or moisture.

Canon 18×50 binoculars are best for plane spotting for the image stabilizing system. The magnified images will glare and shake free. This optical specification, can minimize the shake instantly and deliver high-resolution and sharp images.

You will get the real magnification level, which means the distant plane appears like it’s 18 times closer to you. The Porro prism makes the images more sharp and bright. At the same time, make them highly contrasted and enhance the image fidelity. In addition, the all-weather suitable material makes it more versatile and convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

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  • Shake and glare-free output
  • Features great image stabilization
  • Fast-focusing system
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Very unique design
  • Versatile to use for multiple purposes
  • Improve the contrast and image fidelity
  • Some user share eyecups don’t seem comfortable
  • Warranty is not included

6. MIQUEAS 60×35 Binoculars

best binoculars for plane spotting

If you want a more specified binocular by which you can see the planes in low light conditions, then this MIQUEAS 60×35 binocular is for you. When a binocular has higher magnification, sometimes the resulting image may fade out and the edges won’t be that sharp. But when it comes to a bigger and quality objective lens, that works like a bomb. You never feel you are in a weak light condition, the magnified images will be bright, clear, and sharp. Keep reading to get more about this amazing low-light binocular.

When the magnification power is 60x, that means it can bring the longest-ranged objects 60 times closer to you. You can see the light and heavy jets with a viewing range of 3000M/9840 Ft/3280yds. And impressively the magnified images of the planes will be bright and crystal clear with the 35mm bigger objective lens.

After that, this binocular is specially engineered for night vision optics. It will deliver bright images for the BAK-4 prism. Also, for the coordinate design, it will provide you with an amazing experience by reflecting lights and creating the best-ever images in weak light. The FMC lenses are perfect to produce the highest contrasted and high-resolution images. So, you can spot planes, and enjoy nighttime concerts and sporting events too.

The center focus wheel is assembled to adjust the focus anytime within seconds. The diopter adjustable settings make it more reliable to get the sharpest focus of the targeted planes.

The 8mft at/10000 m field of view, 16mm eyepiece, and 5mm exit pupil work for giving the best and most comfortable experience while spotting the planes. You can enjoy continuous taking off and landing as well as any air shows without any eye fatigue. You can use eyeglasses while seeing the planes on hot sunny days. It can be adjusted easily. Moreover, the anti-reflective coating ensures full protection from UV rays.

This binocular is quite lightweight comparing high magnification power and objective lens. Its non-slip texture makes it more comfortable. The lanyard hole makes it more useful and secure to attach a strap or loop. The rubber sheath will also keep it secured and protected. And this binocular can be used in wet weather or winter for water resistance properties. Plus, the included neck strap, lens cleaning cloth, carrying bag, and lens cover all make it more convenient to use for multiple purposes including plane spotting.

MIQUEAS 60×35 binoculars are best for spotting planes at dawn and dusk. Its embedded night vision optics can produce and deliver bright, clear, and sharp images even in low-light conditions. Moreover, it’s a complete package of quality, features, functionalities, and reliability. With a compact and protected construction, you will get this binocular for under $100. You will get quality optics and excellent performance while it won’t break the bank.

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  • Great for dim light conditions
  • Deliver bight and sharp output
  • Wide viewing range
  • Comes with enormous optics
  • Comfortable to use
  • Accessories are included
  • Affordable price range
  • Not suitable for complete darkness

7. Nightfox 110R Night Vision Binoculars

best binoculars for plane spotting

As the previous one is not able to deliver images in complete darkness, that’s why I am introducing this Nightfox 110R binocular for you. It’s a night vision binocular that can produce images in the darkness. It comes with a bunch of features to make your nighttime plane spotting more enjoyable.

First of all, the magnifying power is 7x. So you will get 7x fixed magnification power to spot the long-range planes. You can zoom 2x more using these binoculars. As it works in darkness, how can it render bright images? Or you may ask how it collects light to generate bright and clear images. Well, it is designed with a 1.5W infrared beam that can collect infrared light which is invisible to human eyes. You can see over 150m distant objects in complete darkness.

Now the most impressive part of this binocular is going to be revealed. This binocular can capture videos and images too. And they will capture with a higher resolution. Plus, this footage is stored in the 32GB memory card. Not only that, you can transfer the images and videos for the included USB.

You can see the objects not only in darkness, but you can use them in daylight too. The weight is light, only 1 pound. So using and carrying the binocular won’t bother you anymore. The large buttons are easy to navigate even with hand gloves. You can easily operate this button at night for the embedded led light. There is a protective rubber casing for giving double protection from collision and rough handling.

The body construction is enormous. This binocular is waterproof and fog proof. This one is operated by 4AA batteries. If you run at full infrared, it can last for 2 hours, and with lower infrared usage, it will run for 5 hours. A good deal right?

Nightfox 7x binoculars are best for spotting planes in the dark. If you want to spot planes at night, this one is the best choice for you. You can capture the footage also. When it’s an airshow, this feature helps you the most. The images and videos can be stored and transferred to the computer too. With a durable construction, the battery-operated binocular can run for 5 hours continuously.

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  • Can create images in 100% darkness
  • Sufficient magnification power
  • Wide viewing range
  • Can record footage
  • Embedded SD card and USB
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Water, fog, and moisture resistance
  • Rubber that touches your face may feel uncomfortable


These 7 best binoculars for plane spotting can help you to get the best view of the takeoff or planes when landing at the airport. Also, it can make any occasional airshows more enjoyable. If you want to spot planes at night time, you can go for night vision binoculars, where you can choose zoom binoculars to spot planes from your living room. Just make sure you choose the right one based on your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start spotting planes and airshows!

People Also Ask

Can you see a plane with zoom binoculars?

Yes, you can see a plane with zoom binoculars. You will be able to see the plane better if the binoculars have a quality zoom.

How do binoculars help with plane spotting?

Binoculars help with plane spotting because they provide a magnified view of the aircraft, making it easier to identify. This is especially helpful when the aircraft is at a distance, as the binoculars can bring it closer and make it easier to see details. Additionally, binoculars can help to steady the view, making it less likely that the aircraft will be lost in the blink of an eye.

What are some tips on using binoculars for plane spotting?

You can use a tripod to keep the binoculars steady. Also, check the binoculars before using them to make sure they are clean and in good condition. In addition, regular practicing using binoculars before going out plane spotting to get familiar with them.

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