Nikon Prostaff Vs Monarch Binoculars: Battle for The Best

When someone asks for suggestions about binoculars, one of my common recommendations is Nikon binoculars. Because Nikon binoculars are always best for sightseeing, hiking, hunting, wildlife viewing, and many more. They have provided quality optics with superior performance at every outdoor activity and can earn the hearts of nature devotees. But this brand has brought so many models. Among them, Nikon Prostaff and monarchs are quite popular. Let’s make a comparison between Nikon Prostaff vs Monarch binoculars and see which will be the winner.

Nikon Prostaff Vs Monarch: Key Features

For this battle, I have picked 3 pairs from Nikon Prostaff and 3 from Monarch. Before starting, you can go through Nikon Prostaff 3s Vs 7s Binoculars. Here I am going to compare with their key properties including the performance, optics, weight, comfort, warranty, price, and many more to provide you a crystal clear idea. As a result, you can choose the right one for you. Here I have taken 8×42,10×42 to compare both models. But the Prostaff binoculars have 12×50, but the monarch doesn’t. So I have to pick the Nikon monarch 12×42 bino pair to compare. Let’s begin:

Nikon Prostaff vs Monarch Binoculars 8×42:

Properties Nikon Prostaff 3s 8x42 BinocularsNikon Monarch M5 8x42 Binoculars
Objective lens42mm42mm
Exit pupil diameter4.25mm4.25mm
Eye relief20.2mm19.5mm
Field of view377 ft/1000 yards335 ft/1000 yards
Angular field of view7.2 degrees6.4 degrees
LensMultilayer-coatedED (Extra-low Dispersion) Glass Lenses
PrismHigh-reflectivity silver-alloy mirror coatedPhase coating, dielectric coating
Interpupillary distance adjustment56-72mm56-72mm
Close focusing distance 9.8ft8.2ft
Dimension7 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches5.7 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches
Water resistanceWaterproofWaterproof
Weight1.3 Pounds1.39 lbs
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Nikon Prostaff vs Monarch Binoculars 10×42:

Properties Nikon Prostaff 3s 10x42 BinocularsNikon Monarch M5 10x42 Binoculars
Objective lens42mm42mm
Exit pupil diameter4.2mm4.2mm
Eye relief15.7mm18.4mm
Field of view367 ft/1000 yards293 ft/1000 yards
Angular field of view7.0 degrees5.5 degrees
PrismRoofRoof (phase-corrected coated)
Interpupillary distance adjustment56-72mm56-72mm
Close focusing distance9.8ft8.2ft
Dimension5.7 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches5.7 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches
Water resistanceWaterproofWaterproof (nitrogen purged)
Weight1.35 lbs 1.41 lbs
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Nikon Prostaff 12×50 vs Monarch 12×42 Binoculars:

PropertiesNikon Prostaff 5 12X50 BinocularsNikon Monarch M5 12x42 Binoculars
Objective lens50mm42mm
Exit pupil diameter4.16mm3.5mm
Eye relief15.5mm15.1mm
Field of view246 ft./1000 yards262 ft./1000 yards
Angular field of view4.7 degrees5 degrees
Close focusing distance16.4 ft.8.2ft
Interpupillary distance adjustment56-72mm56-72mm
Dimension7.2 x 5.5 x 1.96 inches3.23 x 6.14 x 7.09 inches
Water resistanceWaterproofWaterproof
Weight1.74lbs1.41 pounds
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1. Magnification and objective lens

Already I mentioned their magnification power as well as the size of the objective lens. Both models have several specifications so you can choose your preferred one. Though the Nikon prostaff has more varieties in their models. If you need various magnification levels as well as objective lenses, Nikon prostaff can be your best choice.

The Monarch series has the standard specifications so far. They can also be on your bucket list if other properties match your requirements. As they are the child components of the Nikon brand, you can see long-range details with maximum light transmission surely.

2. Exit pupil

You all know that the diameter of the exit pupil is dependent on the magnification and size of the objective lens. In that case, both series perform so well. However, try to choose binoculars that have longer exit pupils to get a comfortable viewing session. For example, the selected 3 pairs from Nikon prostaff have a good magnification and objective lens ratio. But the Nikon monarch 12×42 pair will provide quite a short exit pupil. That can be the cause of eye strain if you are observing your surroundings using this binocular for a long period.

3. Eye relief

Again, eye relief is also responsible for smooth observing proficiency whether you wear eyeglasses or not. In that case, Nikon prostaff and monarch both will be the winner. Because all of these binoculars have a longer eye relief distance which is more than 15mm. So whatever you choose, you will get a relaxing viewing session in birding, hiking, sporting events, elk hunting, whale watching, and many more.

4. Field of view

In terms of field of view, you must consider both linear fields of view and angular fields of view. A wide field of view is suitable for hiking, hunting, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, spying, and peeping. On the other hand, a slightly narrow field of view can be worked for target shooting, sporting events, etc. In that case, the Nikon monarch binoculars have a less wide field of view than the prostaff series.

If you notice, you can see for the same magnification level, the 10×42 Nikon prostaff binoculars will provide 367ft/1000 yards whereas the Nikon monarch has 293ft/1000yards. You can scan more of your surroundings with the prostaff bino pairs. The angular field of view is also larger for prostaff binoculars. They will provide the true angle of the distant objects more accurately than the monarch series.

5. Prism

Both series come with roof prism attachments. So you will be sure that their delivered image output will be crisp, bright, and sharp. Most prostaff binoculars have a high-reflectivity silver-alloy mirror finish. As a result, these binoculars can provide color-corrected as well as crystal-clear images. The reflectivity of the silver alloy is more than the aluminum prism finish and it will be up to 98%.

On the other hand, the Nikon monarch binoculars also have a phase-corrected coating on their prism. So, they will also be able to produce clear and bright images. Also, they have a dielectric coating that will protect your bino pair from dirt, dust, and scratches. However, I would like to recommend the prostaff series for the high reflectivity properties of prism coating. If you want better protection, you can go for monarch binoculars.

6. Optics

Optics quality is beyond the words of the Nikon binoculars. And they won’t compromise to maintain it in their every binocular series. The Nikon prostaff binoculars have multi-layered as well as fully multi-coated lenses. The binoculars of Nikon monarch come with fully multi-coated lenses.

Some of them are designed with ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass lenses which can eliminate chromatic aberration as well as color fringing. So you will get the accurate color as well as edge-to-edge sharp images every time. In that case, the Nikon monarch binoculars with ED lenses will be my recommendation.

7. Focus

Both binocular series have a central focus with adjustable and smooth wheels. The close-focus system of the Nikon monarch will blow your mind. They have a shorter distance close focusing system than the Nikon prostaff binoculars.

You will see in the above table, that the 10×42 prostaff will provide 9.8ft close focus where you will be able to focus on 8.2ft close objects with the 10×42 binoculars. That will be applicable to other specifications too. So, you can focus and observe your nearby objects, duck, footprint, birds, or your kids more accurately using the Nikon Monarch binoculars.

8. Build quality

If you want to compare the build quality of Nikon prostaff vs monarch binoculars, then the Build quality is superb for both series. Some of the Nikon prostaff binoculars come with plastic construction, I would like to avoid plastic pairs for rough trails. Though they have excellent quality as well as rubber armor. Which keeps the bino pair protected and safe from rough handling as well as water.

For the Nikon monarch binoculars, they have a durable body rubber coating too. Water resistance is important with the durable build quality. These pairs are fully waterproof, fog proof, and shock resistant. So, you can go to any of them and you will not be disappointed. In addition, you will get an unconditional product-limited warranty. What else do you need to ensure about their product quality?

9. Weight

Weight varies with the magnification power, lenses, prism, and body material. In that case, 8×42 prostaff is quite lightweight than 8×42 Monarch binoculars. 10×42 for both come with almost the same weight. The 12×50 prostaff has more weight than the 12×42 monarch binoculars for the bigger objective lens. So, the choice is yours. They are almost mid-weight binoculars that can easily hold and carry.

10. Price Range

Last but not least factor in the Nikon prostaff vs monarch binoculars is the price range. In that case, the Nikon monarch binoculars price range is quite higher than the Nikon prostaff bino pairs. You will get prostaff binoculars even under $200. For the same specifications, you need to pay some more bucks.

Nikon Prostaff vs Monarch: Best Use

After considering all of the factors, Nikon prostaff binoculars are more suitable for such activities where you need a large field of view. For instance, they are perfect for wildlife viewing, elk hunting, birding, sightseeing, spying, peeping, etc. They have a close focusing system, so you can use these bino pairs for observing your pets or kids on the playground. They will be a good choice for enjoying long-distance programs as well. On the other hand, the Nikon monarch bino pairs are most suitable for target shooting, archery, long-range shooting, etc. You can use them for sporting events too.

Advantages of Nikon Prostaff
  • Offers a wide range of options
  • Roof prism attachment with high-reflectivity
  • Features closer objects focusing system
  • Offers wide angular and linear field of view
  • The price range is quite reasonable
  • Some pairs don’t have a fully multi-coated lens
Advantages of Nikon Monarch
  • Excellent build quality
  • Can cut chromatic aberration
  • Provide longer eye relief distance
  • Dist, dust, heat, and scratches protected prism
  • Fully waterproof and proof
  • The price range is quite high
  • The field of view is narrower than prostaff

Final Verdict

Who is the winner ultimately between Nikon prostaff or monarch? Well, distinguishing the Nikon prostaff vs monarch binoculars is a tough job. Though we have done it together. And in my point of view, Nikon prostaff binoculars are the winner in this battle.  In terms of affordability, magnification, objective lens, eye relief, exit pupil, wide field of view, and prism attachment, prostaff has outstanding properties compared with the Nikon Monarch binoculars. So which one is your favorite between the two pairs? Don’t forget to comment or inbox us for the next battle! Till then, have a good day and explore the world with your favorite bino pair!

People Also Ask

Are Nikon Prostaff binoculars good?

Yes, they have various magnification ranges, bigger objective lenses, amazing build quality, high-quality optics, and so on. So you can use Nikon prostaff binoculars for versatile purposes.

Are Nikon Monarch binoculars worth the money?

Of course. Nikon Monarch binoculars are suitable for multiple outdoor activities for their outstanding construction, longer eye relief, protected lens, and prism with excellent image resolution.

What is the difference between Nikon Monarch M5 and M7?

The key difference is their available range. Nikon Monarch M5 offers 8×42, 10×42, and 12×42 specifications. On the other hand, M7 has 10×42, 10×30, 8×42, and 8×30 binoculars.

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