Vortex Diamondback 10×42 Binoculars: Worth the Money?

When you are looking for suitable binoculars for multiple or just specific purposes what is your first concern? Either its performance or your budget? I think all of you feel confused before making a purchase decision about whether it will be fruitful or not! And if there are so many options, that will be more confusing to decide!

But don’t worry! I am here with another series where I will break down all of the properties and performance of a binocular to decide if it’s worth it or not. Today I am going to share my opinion on Vortex diamondback 10×42 binoculars: worth the money or not.

Vortex Diamondback 10×42: Key Features

Vortex optics has brought a revolutionary change in the field of binoculars. So far, they have launched several models of binoculars including diamondback, crossfire, viper, razor, and so on. They all have some specialties along with similarities.

The vortex diamondback has grown much more popular among these models. The price range is also not affordable or too expensive. They can be called mid-range binoculars so far. And that’s why this question is raised.

Is it worth investing more than $200 for 10×42 binoculars or will it go in vain? Doing research is very important and that’s why you are there, right? You are cordially welcome here!! Well, before jumping to the broad discussion, I would like to introduce the key properties of vortex 10×42 binoculars.

Attribute Property
Magnification 10x
Objective Lens 42mm
Exit Pupil Distances 4.2mm
Eye Relief 16 mm
Field of view 345 feet/1000 yards
Angular field of view 6.6 degree
Lens coating Fully multi-coated, ArmorTek
Material Rubber
Prism Roof
Prism coating Phase Correction, Dielectric Coating
IPD 55-73 mm
Close focus 5ft
Dimension 5.9 x 5.6 x 1.75 inches
Tripod mount Yes
Water resistance Waterproof
Weight 1.5 pounds
Warranty  Lifetime Warranty
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Now, it’s time to talk about the features of vortex diamondback 10×42 binoculars in detail. If we look at the above table, we can see it has almost all the qualities to be your anytime outdoor activities partner. I will describe them as it will be helpful even for a newbie bino lover.

Build Quality

The first thing I always notice is the appearance and build quality of binoculars. In that case, the vortex diamondback 10×42 binocular has a nice look with a premium and durable body structure. When you take it into your hands, you will feel the premiums surely.

In one word, this pair can impress you at the first glance. The whole body is covered by rubber armor. So, that will help to keep the pair protected even if it falls by any chance. Remain non-slip and provides you with a smooth and steady grip after holding it even for a long time.


Magnification power is 10x, you have already understood the 10×42 specification. You can see the long-distance objects 10 times closer to you. The distance objects will appear to you with every detail. 10x magnification is a standard level for any type of activity including birding, sporting events, hiking, sightseeing, etc.

Objective Lens

The diameter of the objective lens is also standard. This pair has a 42mm size objective lens that can gather maximum light while you are observing any long-range objects. The magnified images should be bright and clear enough. The objective is to make the output bright and sharp for the visitor. 42mm is a good size that can make the 10 times magnified images bright. You can see them with all of the details.

Exit Pupil Distances

The magnification and the objective lens are 10x and 42mm, you will get a 4.2mm exit pupil distances distance. If you want a comfortable and strain-free viewing session, this length is perfect.

Eye Relief

Considering eye relief distance is as important as the exit pupil distance. If the eye relief distance is shorter, there is a chance of having fewer sharp images with kidney-shaped shadows outside of the image output. When you look through the vortex diamondback 10×42 binoculars, you don’t want to experience less clear images, right? And in that case, I must say this binocular is worth its price range providing a 16mm long eye relief distance.

Field of View

Usually, the field of view decreases with the upgrade of magnification power. As 10x is a moderate power, so you can expect more than 300feeet field of view from 10×42 binoculars. If not, then it will be a worse choice. But this diamondback 10×42 offers you a 345ft wide field of view at 1000 yards. You can observe a large area at a time.

This bino pair has 6.6 degrees of angular field of view. That will enable you to see the proper angle of your targeted objects. Till now the vortex diamondback 10×42 performs so well for every property. Can we declare it the winner? Well, not now! Let’s see what the rest of the features depicts.


You will get good build quality, and 10×42 specification in other brands, but the optics quality is the game changer of this vortex diamondback 10×42 binoculars. With an HD-quality lens, this binocular can deliver higher resolution output. It can eliminate chromatic aberration and color fining to make the image color corrected.

When you are hiking or hunting, this pair will render edge-to-edge sharp and right contrast. Enhance the light transmission rate more than many other bino pairs with the same specification. When the lens magnifies your target, you will get a brighter image for the fully multi-coated finish.

It will protect your lens and make the image anti-reflective. So you will see the exact image. This pair is useful in low light conditions too. There is ArmorTek coating on the lens to make it scratch resistant. It will also keep the bino lens protected and safe from heat, dirt, dust, and oil.


Lens quality, size, and magnification all will go in vain if the focusing system won’t work perfectly on time. In sports, birding, wildlife viewing, and quick focusing are crucial. This diamondback bino pair is designed with an easy and quick focusing system. Adjusting the focus won’t seem like rocket science to you.

You can also observe your nearby objects like a footprint, butterflies, kids near the yard, ducks or fish in the lake, etc for the 6.6 ft closing focus system. Many binoculars do not offer that much close focus, in that case, this pair is beneficial.


Well, this pair comes with my favorite prism attachment. Can you guess? Yes, this diamondback 10×42 pair is equipped with a roof prism. And many of you know how good it is in terms of providing quality, high-resolution, and bright images.

The roof prism has phase correction to increase color fidelity and image resolution. There is also multi-layer dielectric coating in its prism to produce the output color accurately.

Interpupillary Distance

The interpupillary distance is the distance between our 2 exit pupils. In general, it is 54mm to 74mm for adults. Binoculars also have an interpupillary distance between 2 eyecups. And this distance should be adjustable.

Otherwise, it can’t be usable for all. In that case, the vertex diamondback 10×42 binoculars come with 55-73mm IPD. Teenagers and adults can easily adjust it with their eyes and can enjoy the long-range scenario.

Water Resistance

I always recommend choosing waterproof, fogproof binoculars. Why? Read this first – Are Fog proof and Waterproof Binoculars Worth the Money? Well, in that case, vortex diamondback 10×42 binoculars are impressive. It’s a completely waterproof binocular. You can excel in any weather condition.


Though this pair is designed with a roof prism, the weight is a little bit high. This is a downside I think. There is a tripod socket so you can mount it to the tripod. You don’t need to hold it in your hands for a long time.


Vortex optics offers an unconditional lifetime warranty! Can you imagine? This offer is outstanding. By this offer, they claim that they provide premium quality products. So, for any type of support, they are always for you.


I already mentioned this bino pair has a tripod mount system. You will get a set of necessary accessories with this vortex diamondback 10×42 binoculars. I think it’s a good deal in this price range. If the price range is low without the accessories, you need to spend money to buy them separately.

Rather I prefer the same company’s bag, lens cleaning cloths, etc. They will be more compatible with your binoculars as well as sustainable also. You will get an objective lens cover, zippered carrying bag with strap, binocular neck strap, and rain guard with this pair. These will make this diamondback binocular easier and more compatible to use and carry.

Best Use

This bino pair is versatile almost except in some cases like long-range target shooting where it requires more magnification level. It can’t be used in archery tournaments either. Then what are the best cases? Well, the rest of the outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, wildlife viewing, birding, whale watching, elk hunting, spying, and peeping.

Reasons to buy

  • Can use for multiple purposes
  • Provide clear, bright, and sharp magnified images
  • Lens quality and coatings are outstanding
  • Construction and design are super
  • Fast and trouble-free to focus
  • Adjustable eyepiece and IPD
  • Equipped with room prism and multiple coating
  • Have a large field of view
  • Offers long session viewing comfort
  • Waterproof, fog proof and moisture-proof
  • Accessories are also included
  • Can withstand scratch, dirt, and collision
  • Will get an unconditional lifetime warranty


  • Weight is a little bit heavy
  • Don’t have autofocus

So, Vortex Diamondback 10×42 binoculars: worth the money?

So, what do you think now after this entire discussion? Vortex Diamondback 10×42 binoculars: worth the money or not? My opinion is that buying this pair is worth it. If you consider the slight heaviness, it’s a must-have binocular so far.

In terms of stunning performance, wide field of view, smooth and easy focus, viewing comfort, quality optics, prism, and withstand capacity, the vortex diamondback 10×42 binocular is worth its price range.

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