Vortex Viper 12×50 Binoculars: Worth the Money?

Vortex optics almost dominate the binoculars field with lots of varieties. They have designed several models considering customers’ requirements. But their price range is quite higher than the same specified binoculars of many other brands.

That’s why many of you hesitate before buying Vortex binoculars as they are worth your money or you get the same performance in cheap binoculars! In this article, my focus is to give an overall idea of Vortex Viper 12×50 binoculars: worth the money or not.

Like previous articles, Here I am going to explain every single feature so you can make the right decision. Let’s start with the key features of vortex viper 12×50 binoculars:

Vortex Viper 12×50 Binoculars: Specifications at A Glance

Attribute Property
Magnification 12x
Objective Lens 50mm
Exit Pupil Distances 4.16mm
Eye Relief 19.5mm
Linear Field Of View 278ft/1000 yards
Angular Field Of View 5.3 degrees
Interpupillary Distance 59mm to 75mm
Close Focus 8.2ft
Lens Coating XR™ Fully Multi-Coated, ArmorTek
Prism Roof
Prism Coating Dielectric Coating, Phase Correction
Eye Cups Twist up-down
Material Rubber
Dimension 7.75 x 4.5 x 9.68 inches
Weight 28.4 oz
Water Resistance Yes (Argon gas purging with o-ring seal)
Tripod Adaptable Yes
Warranty Unconditional lifetime warranty
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Now we will go through the key features and try to reach a conclusion: either investing more than $500 is worth it or you should choose other brands with an affordable price range. As vortex optics, initially, we can assume Viper 12×50 binoculars have special features and outstanding performance. Let’s see what happens in the end!

Magnification & Aperture

The magnification and the size of the objective lens are 12x and 50mm respectively. With these features, you can see long-distance objects in detail. The bigger objective lens can help in assembling enough light when you look through it. The magnified images will be crystal clear, bright, and appealing.


After considering the basic features like magnification and objective lens size, the most important things are viewing comfort and how much comfort to hold it. If you are not comfortable when using a binocular pair, this is not considered worth buying, right? If you have faced eye strains from using a bino pair, this won’t be a good choice so far. Let’s see how comfortable these vortex viper 12×50 binoculars are:

Exit pupil

When we talk about viewing comfort for a long period, considering the exit pupil distance is crucial. When you look through the binoculars to observe your surroundings, during birding, hiking, or sporting events, your eyes must be comfortable and compatible with the bino pair. For instance, you are enjoying a football match in a large stadium and the players, as well as the ball, appear so small to you.

So you are using binoculars to enjoy every shot. But after completing 1st half, you feel eye fatigue. And sometimes it may be so difficult to continue the match because of the extreme pain. Is it worth it? Not!

Then you have to choose a binocular which has enough exit pupil distances like this vortex viper 12×50 binoculars. The 12x and 50mm ratio provides a 4.16mm exit pupil value. These binoculars can provide you with a smooth viewing experience for any extended period of the viewing session.

Eye relief

Eye relief is also important, especially for eyeglass wearers. If you are watching whales on a hot sunny day, or spying using binoculars, you may prefer sunglass. Adjusting to the bino pair might seem difficult. But this viper 12×50 pair comes with a longer 19.5mm eye relief distance. Everyone wearing glasses or not perfectly uses this pair at any time.

Eyepiece & Eye cups

The eyepiece is a part of an objective lens that helps in appearing the magnified image in front of the human eyes. The rubber eyepiece of this binocular is adjustable. You can adjust the eye cups in multiple positions to get the best fit with your eyes. There is an adjustable right eye-locking diopter system in these binoculars. The focal distances can be customized according to your eyes.

Interpupillary distance

IPD or interpupillary distance implies the distance between our 2 eye pipuls. This distance varies from person to person. Binoculars should have adjustable IPD. This is also in this Vortex viper 12×50 binocular. The distance is 59mm to 75mm. This will be perfectly suitable for adults.

Field of view

Binoculars have 2 types of field of view such as linear and angular. You can see the distance area with a true angle. This pair has a wide 278ft field of view that’s quite good enough to observe your surroundings. The 5.3 degrees of angular field of view helps to understand the actual angle of your target.

Hand comfort

With viewing comfort, hand comfort is also important. This binocular has a rubber coating over its body. You won’t hurt holding this pair for a long time. Its non-slip grip will provide you with a great experience of holding this compact pair.

Lens Quality

The lenses are XR fully multi-coated. Do you know what it means? This pair has advanced multiple coatings on the lens that result in sharp images every time. The light transmission rate will be increased up to 95%. You will get bright, color-accurate, HD-quality images of your targeted objects.

There is a protective ArmorTek coating on the lens. They are equipped to make the pair scratch resistant and keep the lens protected from excessive heat and dirt.

Prism Performance

The best part is its prism attachment. This vortex viper 12×50 binocular is designed with roof prism attachment. Roof prism ensures not only durability but also enhances clarity.

The phase correction roof prism will be helpful to deliver higher resolution with the right contrast. There is a dielectric coating that has covered the roof prism with multiple layers to render color-corrected and edge-to-edge sharp output.

Focusing System

Vortex viper 12×50 binoculars are designed with a central focusing system. It will enable you to adjust the focus to your targeted objects with the focus wheel. Not only that, you can use these binoculars to focus on your close objects. It will help you to focus on nearly 8.2ft of objects. If you want to observe a nearby playground, birds, or pets, this pair is a good choice also.

Build quality

You can expect excellent build quality from 500+ dollar binoculars. Similarly, this viper 12×50 binocular comes with a super durable body as well as manufactured in the USA. The rubber armor keeps your binoculars safe and sound against rough handling and collision.

Water Resistance

It’s a fully waterproof binocular. With argon purging, it can provide more water resistance capability than nitrogen-purging binoculars. The o-ring ensures that you will get stunning performance in wet weather conditions. It can prevent fog and moisture for the internal protection system.

Size & Weight

The dimension of this binocular is ‎7.75 x 4.5 x 9.68 inches and the weight is almost nearly 2 pounds. I think it’s a downside of this binocular. Though a binocular with a bigger objective lens and higher magnification glass can be slightly heavy.

And that’s quite normal. But the plus point is, that there is a tripod mount socket and car window mount system, you don’t need to hold it in your hands. These properties will provide a hands-free experience for long-session birding, hunting, wildlife viewing, long-range shooting, and so on.


If you are familiar with vortex optics, I think there is no need to describe their warranty policy. Vortex viper also offers a lifetime warranty which is also unconditional. That is impressive for any optical product.

Other features

With outstanding performance, you will get a set of accessories including a neck strap, padded carrying case, lens cover, and rain guard cover. You can safely carry it from anywhere using the deluxe padded carrying bag.

The neckstrap will make the pair protected by hanging with your neck when you are walking or even when using it. The lens cover keeps the objective lens safe. The rain guard will add an extra advantage to reduce the chances of rain spray as well as wind noise.

Use Cases

12X50 binoculars are mainly used for long-distance object shooting, birding, hiking, hunting, wildlife viewing, stabilizing, spying, and peeping. For a moderate wide field of view, you can enjoy sporting events too by using these binoculars. Vortex viper 12×50 binoculars are not recommended for archery. I don’t suggest picking this one if you are a beginner.

Pros (what we liked)

  • HD quality images with superior light transmission
  • Comfortable to view and hold
  • Features a good liner and angular field of view
  • The roof prism provides a great image output
  • Can withstand water, fog, and rough handling
  • Features fast and easy focusing system
  • Necessary accessories are provided
  • The lens is protected by multiple coating
  • Offers unconditional lifetime warranty


  • Little bit heavy
  • Not suitable for kids/beginner

So, Vortex Viper 12×50 binoculars: worth the money?

So, Vortex Viper 12×50 binoculars: worth the money? In short, my answer is yes, but not for the newbies. The price range is quite high, though their performance is also top-notch, you can invest if you are using binoculars daily.

If you just use it occasionally, then I won’t recommend this one to you. Overall, with sharp and HD output, stunning build quality, water resistance, and unconditional warranty, Vortex viper 12×50 binoculars will be worth your money!

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